Q Park MSCP, Sheffield

SRC provided the design and detail drawings for the construction of the multi storey car park which is located in the centre of Sheffield. The car park is sited over a casino and retail complex.

The 9 storey precast concrete split level car park is built up off an in-situ concrete construction which forms the complex below.

The car park frame is a precast concrete column and beam construction with double-T units used to form the main car park deck. Overall the frame consisted of 52 columns, over 200 edge and gable beams, 34 spine beams and 40 double boot beams. Over 400 double-T and single-T units spanning up to 16.5m were used to form the main deck and ramps. In addition to this the stair and lift cores were formed from over 170 wall panels, 56 stair flights, 45 slab units and 17 roof slabs.

The complex construction required central spine beams, weighing up to 18.5T, which were required to support both levels of the split deck which in turn were sloping in opposite directions.

The finished building incorporated an aluminium facade to create an abstract surface. The car park provids 520 parking spaces split between all the levels.